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Could've sworn that wine and 1and 4 made 2

but it's five!

2/22/07 07:00 pm

there's a new journal:


so friend me if you feel inclined, and i'll do the same. See you.

2/19/07 01:33 am

i am i am i am i am.

i'm going to be ok, i have a plan, i am i am i am i am.

tired: maybe i'll really try to articulate this tomorrow.

2/17/07 02:00 am - about these one liner entries:

...so I guess I'm not?

2/12/07 02:50 pm

J'ai besoin pense plus de beacoup. C'est le problem.

2/6/07 11:35 pm


Check it out bitches- fully updated with work from MICA.

2/5/07 03:02 am

I have a facebook problem. It's definitely a problem.

1/26/07 08:22 pm

I'm bored. College is boring. I want to do something. I'm loooooosing motivation. I'm probably going to go do homework. What a friday night, man. HARDFUCKINCORE.


1/14/07 02:49 am

I never appreciated Rochester until i left it. I like this city alot, and I like the area. I even like the weather. I just like it. This break was excellent. I spent alot of time with alot of people, and slowly came to realize why i picked a school 8 hours away. I love my loves. So much. I hope i find people like them at college. I'm excited to get back to C2107, and get settled in again. I have goals for the semester, but i'm afriad that if i write them down i'll blow them off. im excited to see whos all in my new classes, and what my teachers are like . i miss tea time. I'm going to miss having good food around, and my bed, and my cat, and my friends, and comfort. I'm going to miss carpet and tile and hardwood, and couches, and walls with color and kitchens with counter space and stoves that are big and toaster ovens and electric can openers and big thich cutting boards, and gas stoves.

i got a hair cut. saying goodbye to linny and hannah was harder than the first time. the first time it didn't seem real. packing tomorrow in my nice suticases, and then taking penelope for a ride one last time, probably to wegmans. heh. I'll be back in march though, and headed to allegheny! to see lindsay! and keuka! to pick up hannah! so she can come with me! I feel much more like myself than i have in a long time. My second semester resolution is to calm down, and be myself, and not let things bring me down. i need to stay inside my self, and hold on to home marissa, instead od baltimore marissa, because baltimore marissa is kind of a mess.

i guess that's all.


1/6/07 12:31 pm - yay!

deans list!

12/6/06 02:46 am

i'm almost there,

I think i can, I think i can, I think i can, I think i can, I think i can, I think i can, I think i can, I think i can.

Tomorrow is going to be the worst day. But i'm going to handle it like a rational, yet slightly delusional adult. I'm not going to freak out. I'm going to calmly face all 2 and three quarters of those drawing and i am going to kick their collective asses. Sometimes i have to remind myself that I'm not stupid, and that if i put a little more effort into living, i could really have it together. But sloth is overwhelming, and being proactive will have to start next semester. i guess. I dont live in the moment, i live in the moment that's putting off the next moment.

????????????? i puzzle me.

sleep now.
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